09 April 2019

Have you ever tried culinary at Chill Bill Coffee & Platters? The café is unique. Every room has a different concept. The 1st floor is arguably more 'casual', while the 2nd floor is more contemporary with some interesting spots for photos.

The concept of food offered here is homemade food Nusantara, aka home-based local food. The most favorite menus include Red Roasted Chicken. Red Grilled Chicken uses the ingredients of savory chicken, given chili and spice seasonings with moderate spicy levels. It feels a little sweet. The price is IDR 35,000 complete with rice, fresh vegetables and chili sauce.

Another favorite menu is Butter Chicken, aka butter chicken, using chunks (mixed) of chest and chicken thighs with red tomato sauce and thick cream (butter). It tastes tasty and delicious. The price is IDR 30,000 per serving, complete with rice and vegetables.

Another recommended menu is Veggie Platter Mix, which is a combination of Bitter Ballen or meat balls mixed with cheese, flour, spices, wrapped in bread flour, then fried. It tastes great! Served with Corn Flitters aka Bakwan Corn and French Fries. The price is IDR 20 per serving.

Other food menu choices in Chill Bill are quite a lot. There are Meatball (pepes), Lapis Daging, Javanese Roasted Chicken, Spice Fried Chicken, Beef Platters Mix and many more. The price starts from IDR 30,000 - IDR 45,000.
O yes, besides the archipelago food menu, Chill Bill also serves Spaghetti Aglio Olio and Spaghetti Bolognaise which taste yummy and very shake the tongue.

The drink? The most popular here is Es Kopi Guillermo, made with lime mixture with espresso, plus single syrup and ice. The price is IDR 25,000 per glass.

Es Kopi Susu which has recently been 'hit' is also available here. There are 4 variants, namely Chill Bro (bold / strong coffee), Chill Sist (creamy, milk coffee), Chill Dude (hazelnut + coffee milk) and Chill Out (chocolate + milk coffee). The price starts from IDR 18,000 - IDR 23,000 per cup.

For non-Cofee drinks, the favorite one here is called Mojito. There are Kiwi Mojito (soda + kiwi) and Lime Mojito (lemon + soda). It feels really fresh to get rid of thirst. Kuy try!

Chill Bill Coffee & Platters is open every day from 08.00 - 22.00, located at Ruko Emerald Boulevard block AA2 no.52, Jombang Raya, Bintaro Pondok Aren. @chillbil_cafe

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