09 April 2019

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Sometimes making good content requires good and cool photos. From me personally, one of the places that can make refreshing oneself and look for the best photo spots, one of which is Cafe choice. The cafe itself is a hangout where like restaurants but food and drinks offered are coffee for its typical main menu.

Cafe is usually used by young people for hangout gatherings, hanging out or just doing campus assignments etc. While for us, the cafe can we use it for social gathering or important meetings.

Front view of Chill Bill Coffe and Platters Bintaro

So yesterday weekend my husband and I and my son tried to eat and just let go of bored to a new cafe called Chill Bill in the Emerald Bintaro area. The location is not too far from my house which is in fact I live in Bintaro too. The location of the coffee itself is on Google Map, just follow the map, type Chill BIll Cafe Bintaro.



While this is the drink menu and pricelist, one of them is the Coffe drink menu

When I was there in the afternoon with my husband and child I chose a seat that had a sofa, so at that time on the second floor again I was using arisan hits by my mothers who didn't know what social gathering hehe. After getting a comfortable seat and being able to put your little one on the couch too, then we choose the menu. Because we both chose 2 different menus so we could try each other. For the drink menu I chose Guillermo Coffe and Fruity Coffee Milk Ice.
While the food I chose was Baked Chicken Rice and Plater's Beef Mix. From the 4 menus I selected and I feel I want to try reviewing each of the following:


The food and beverage menu is complete with my order


Beverage Menu My order is Guillermo and Es Susu Kopi has a lot

1. Guillermo Coffe
First impression of seeing this drink I think is iced tea or lemon tea. So Guillermo is a drink made from coffe mixed with lime. It feels good to me because the coffee doesn't taste too bitter. Even more like a fresh drink that stirs in the body because there is an element of lime. The price if it's not wrong 25rb ... it's quite affordable because it can be drunk together with a big place and we are given a small glass to drink it.

2. Es Susu Kopi NgeHits
The first time I saw this drink was first impression like Thai tea. Because the color is light brown mixed with milk. It seems to me that it tastes good and the milk tastes really good and doesn't make it sure. The glass is large and can be made for yourself or both if the diet portion.

3. Grilled Chicken Rice
Besides drinks with coffee creations in this cafe. Also provided heavy food for us who want to eat and fill the stomach with this grilled chicken menu. The flavor of the chicken is soaked into the chicken meat, there is a slightly spicy taste, right for you, a spicy lover and not boring when eaten.
Roast chicken food menu at ChillBill Bintaro cafe


The price offered for this grilled chicken is 30rb, which is not really good

4. Mix Beef Plater
For the Mix Beef Plater food menu, it consists of 3 types, namely fries, beef potato nuggets and beef macaroni. This menu is perfect for snacks that don't want to eat heavily but can be eaten for a long time. Make friends have a casual chat while hanging out, meeting or whatever. Hehehe.
For the taste itself, the beef nugget in it is like the taste of a potato, but combined with a beef that makes it delicious. The macaroni is almost the same, but the basic ingredients of macaroni are mixed with beef, like the macaroni stotel, so it's the pokemon. Delicious ...


Fill in the details of the beef nuggets with potato chips and taste good


Beef Plater Mix as snacks and friends have a good chat at Bill Cafe Bintaro

Food and drinks at this cafe are quite affordable, for those of us who like to hang out with a minimal budget. Besides that, on every bench there is a fool, don't forget to bring a charger if you want to linger there to do the task or whatever. With the 2-storey concept in this cafe, there are many spots around the places of interest that are suitable for making photos with lighting that is already very good at this cafe. On the 2nd floor there is a caricature image and a red sofa that is perfect for taking pictures there. Besides that, for those of you who like to have a really good event for booking this cafe to hold an event.


The photo spot on the 2nd floor of the cafe bill bill bintaro is very beautiful right for us, Instagram social media lovers


The kitchen on the 2nd floor of the cafe chill bill


Caricature decoration in this cafe chill bill

So I think Chill Bill Coffe is the place for Hangouts in Bintaro that is obligatory for Bintaro residents or BSD to play here. Because of what? Because here there is an interesting menu that is obliged to be tried, one of the more interesting things on Instagram is the ice milk coffee and the delicious grilled chicken food in Bintaro.
For my friends who stopped by the bintaro area and looked for a cafe where the answer was Chill Bill Coffe.

For more info, click on the social media, Chill Bill, it seems that there is more away from them, just look at the social media at


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