Get to know Indonesian coffee through the activities of Coffe cupping at Chill Bill # ZomatoID FoodieMeetup

 09 April 2019


Indonesia is known as one of the best quality coffee producers. It is this variety of characteristics of Indonesian coffee that drives chill bill owners to bring various types of coffee beans to their cafes. In this cafe, culinary lovers can choose the coffee beans they want. And of course, with friendly service, visitors will be given an explanation of coffee. While providing knowledge about coffee, visitors can also see the coffee making process that they ordered, starting from coffee beans to the final product.

At this foodie meetup, Zomato foodies had the opportunity to take a cupping coffee session, and taste and taste various characteristics of the various types of coffee served here. And the most interesting coffee here is Aceh gayo "wine", why is there the word "wine" here, because the characteristics of this coffee do have an effect like wine. This happens because this coffee through a fermentation process such as the wine making process, this was revealed directly by the owners Chill Bill Coffees and Platters, Mita.

This cafe has 2 floors that can be used, if you want a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for work, 1st floor is the answer. Whereas if you want a more familiar atmosphere and Instagramable, you can choose the 2nd floor because the atmosphere is more comfortable and very interesting to take photos here. There are sofas and plants that can be used to support your selfie activities. In addition, you can use it for bridal showers or "social gathering" too.


It's not a foodie meetup event without trying food here. Food served starts from traditional Indonesian foods such as red grilled chicken, Mix chicken platter, Beef Platter Mix, Brengkes Meat & Butter chicken. Foodies also try drinks like Lime mojito, and various types of coffee, of course, there is an interesting coffee served here, Guillermo, this is coffee served with a unique glass of lime. For those who like ice coffee but not too brave and bitter, this can be the right choice for you.



Mita as Chill's owner Bill said, if you want to know a lot about coffee, just ask our Barista. Because the coffee served here is special and immediately baked by the owner in Sidoarjo. In addition, the Zomato Foodies also had the opportunity to try making their own latte art. According to Astrid, one of the invited foodies, this is a rare opportunity for him. Because he really likes coffee, but always fails to make latte art. This time Astrid managed to make an art latte that was perfect for beginners, said the barista who accompanied him.


This Foodie Meetup is closed with a special dessert from Chill Bill, namely Banana Moringa Cupcake, Hazelnut Cupcake, and Chocolate cupcake. All cupcakes here are made directly here, and are very fresh. You can enjoy with coffee or tea if you want to relax, call marketing from this place, Mr. Putu. If you want to be invited to #ZomatoIDFoodieMeetup, don't forget to always share your culinary experience on Zomato. See you at the next event. (DS, Zomato 2018)

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